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The Laughing Sheep Farm & Ranch - Lincoln, New Mexico


It is with a heavy heart that I announce my retirement and the permanent closing of Laughing Sheep Farm. Thank you to so many who have made this business pleasurable and exciting! I hope that you have enjoyed your stays, meals and entertainment as much as I have enjoyed having you here - Sally Canning




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575 653-4041

1 mile west of Lincoln, Hwy 380, mm 96;


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Hello. I'm Sally, the owner and creator of Laughing Sheep Farm located outside historic Lincoln, NM. My greatgrandfather arrived in Water Valley, Texas from Ireland in the late 1800's and began raising sheep. My father and his father, outstanding ranchers, developed the Brangus breed but in 1980 I started my farm and preferred farming over ranching and sheep over cattle. My flock has been developed in the past 18 years to being very large animals for meat, not wool. Over many years I developed handling techniques to raise livestock under very low stress conditions. Some techniques seem strange, and one day I told my family that my sheep were laughing at me. The name stuck; thus, Laughing Sheep Farm was born.

Our sheep, cattle, pigs, bison and chickens are all raised on grass, just like it was done 100 years ago.  Proper aging insured the most tender and highest quality meat.  Low stress, proper gentle handling and outstanding nutrition is the main addition to 100 years ago. We do not use appetite stimulants, hormones or antibiotics in the meats we sell.

Laughing Sheep Farm raises our livestock from birth through their entire life. Not only are all our animals grass fed (even the chickens), our livestock have little need for medical intervention (anti-biotics, hormones, appetite stimulants or other chemicals) because of their low stress home. Our animals are kept in a very healthy environment, mentally and physically. Many farms and ranches boast of the chemical free meats, but seldom address the animals' mental health. A stress free environment is the key to a healthy animal. Exercise, nutrition and happy animals take a bit more time and management. We will treat, doctor or repair an animal in a safe and humane method. These products are not offered through our store, but each animal is allowed to stay until a more adequate home is found. We're a direct market farm in every sense of the word.  Shop your local farm for clean, safe, super healthy foods. We’re very child friendly! 

Our livestock only have one bad day.

The original sheep growers, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Canning of Eden Texas, have left us with many of their recipes for meat glazes, rubs, bastes and marinades. We made these from the produce and herbs grown right here at the farm. These items can all be purchased from our online store.

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